Use Mediation To Resolve Disagreements

In an ideal scenario, a couple facing a problem in their marriage can resolve their major disagreements by talking to each other and reaching compromises when necessary. But divorce and other marital struggles can stir up many painful feelings, and sometimes a disagreement runs too deep to be resolved without professional help. That’s where mediation comes in.Attorney Charlotte H. Huggins has years of experience in collaborative law and family law mediation, in cases addressing child custody, spousal support, and many other contentious issues. Whatever family-related legal issue you’re facing in Northern California, we can help you reach a resolution.

Reach A Compromise Using Collaborative Law

“Collaborative law” is an alternative to bringing your dispute to a traditional courtroom, and it’s usually quicker and cheaper. It can take two forms: negotiation and mediation.

In negotiation, both parties or their lawyers meet in a neutral setting and try to reach a compromise in person.In mediation, a neutral third party sits in on this conversation and guides both parties toward a mutually acceptable solution. We’ve got years of experience serving as both the neutral mediator — especially in divorce mediation — and in other cases as one spouse’s consulting attorney.

Reduce Your Stress By Hiring A Lawyer

Whether you’re facing divorce, modifying your child custody arrangement, or working through some other difficult family issue, we’re eager to help you climb over any hurdles and reach a resolution that works for you. To schedule an initial consultation in our Marin County or Sonoma County office, contact us online or call us at 415-457-4497.


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