Marital Planning

Manage Your Assets And Debts As A Couple

Many couples only give their financial relationship a close look at the start and end of their marriage, while relying on informal agreements and settling for the status quo during the years that they are married. But there are good reasons for couples to keep detailed financial records and to treat each transaction between them with care throughout their marriage.

Family law attorney Charlotte H. Huggins, who has offices in both Marin and Sonoma County, has the experience to help you make sound decisions that have the potential to benefit you and your spouse for years to come.

Understand Your Fiduciary Duty To Your Spouse

It is never too late to make sound financial plans with your spouse. In addition to premarital planning before the wedding, a couple can engage in marital planning at any point during their marriage to prepare for whatever challenges are waiting around the corner — buying a house, for example, or saving up funds to put your child through college.

Once you are married, your financial relationship to your spouse changes in the eyes of California law. Just as an executive has a duty to act in the best interest of his company, husbands and wives have a fiduciary duty to act in each other’s best interest.

Because spouses’ financial interests are intertwined, there are stricter rules about transferring property from one spouse to the other. If you are looking to transfer the property rights of high-ticket items like a home or a business to your spouse, we can help ensure that you make a valid transfer supported by proper legal documentation.

Plan For Your Future With A Lawyer’s Help

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