Keep The Pain Of Divorce To A Minimum

Few things in life are more painful than getting a divorce, but an experienced lawyer can keep that pain to a minimum by guiding you quickly and efficiently through California’s divorce laws so you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

We Address Every Aspect Of Divorce

Attorney Charlotte H. Huggins is certified by The State Bar of California as a Family Law Specialist, so we have the expertise to assist you in any family law matters in the northern Bay Area counties.

One of the most logistically difficult aspects of divorce is the division of property. California is one of a handful of states that treats all of a married couple’s shared assets as “community property,” meaning that those assets are generally divided equally between spouses, regardless of differences in income, child care responsibilities, or other factors.

(Most states, by contrast, use a philosophy of “equitable distribution” that does take these factors into account when dividing a couple’s property.)

In addition to dividing personal property, we have experience appraising and dividing small businesses owned by married couples.

Other important issues we can help you address include:

  • Spousal support, or alimony: One spouse may be required to financially support the other after a divorce, depending on factors, including each spouse’s age, health, education, employment possibilities, and the length of their marriage.
  • Retirement benefits and pensions: These are regulated by both state and federal law. It takes a court order or a court-approved settlement to divide pension benefits between spouses.
  • Child custody: Dividing the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. If one parent is moving away, we can help make a plan for your child or children.
  • Child support: Financial support can be used to compensate for disparities in income and child care responsibilities.
  • Domestic violence charges: Violence alters the terms and urgency of a divorce. We can help you file charges, and respond to charges filed against you.
  • Mediation: A mediator can move the conversation forward when spouses can’t reach agreements on their own.

Get An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

The sooner you get qualified legal advice, the sooner you can put your divorce behind you and get on with your life. To see how we can help you, contact us online or call 707-230-5551 to schedule an initial consultation.



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