A Tough But Fair Lawyer For Your Changing Family

It's not easy to have a serious disagreement with a spouse or another family member — in addition to pushing for a resolution that works for you, there are often good reasons to do so in a way that preserves your relationships with the other party and your mutual friends and family.

An experienced lawyer like Charlotte H. Huggins can help you navigate the legal system for legal issues, including divorce, premarital agreements, mediation and many other types of cases. We'll help you decide when to seek a settlement and when to take your case to court.

You'll Learn About The Laws Involved In Your Case

We make it a priority to keep our clients well-informed about what's happening in their cases. We'll help you understand each new development in your case and the California laws involved so that when it's time to make important decisions, you have the information and context you need to make the choice that serves your best interests.

Set Ground Rules For Yourself And Your Spouse

Whether your marriage is just starting or about to end, we can help you create a firm legal foundation on which to protect your rights and plan for the next chapter of your life. Contact us online or call us at 800-355-5715 to schedule an initial consultation.